$5,000 worth of used electronics stolen from Pueblo business

Pueblo, Colo. (KKTV) – Two burglars were caught on camera stealing used electronics from a Pueblo business early last Saturday morning.

The footage, captured by a Ring doorbell shows a man enter the building at 9 o’clock last Friday night. He returns at 3AM with a female and the pair steal several items together.

“I think anybody who is robbed, it’s an invasion of one’s personal space. It’s an intrusion that is hard to fathom until it happens to you.” says Johnathan Christian, manager of the center which was burglarized.

3R Technology Solutions is based in Denver. The items which were stolen would have been recycled as part of the company’s E-waste program.

“We are the premier recycler for Colorado for electronic waste. We serve a very important function. We ensure that all of the E-waste and all of the damaging and harmful elements that are associated with that are not put into our landfills. They don’t go into our waterways. They don’t affect the Colorado way of life. They don’t create lead, and arsenic, and antimony, and all of the other harmful poisons that can really be a detriment to our hunters, and our fishers, and our children, and our drinking water, and just our general enjoyment that we have as an outdoor state.”

Christian is offering a $500 for anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest of the two thieves.

He says that burglaries like this negatively impact the environment, the sense of security in the community, and the livelihood of his 14 employees.

Pueblo Police are investigating the case but have yet to identify the suspects.

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