We have listed a few places and links you may find useful. As with other conferences, we will leave booking the appropriate venue to yourselves. The links should take you direct to the hotel website and on-line booking forms. Availability will depend on the hotel itself.

Marriott-Courtyard– is a new hotel sited on the research park, along the main avenue leading to the campus entrance. Its proving very popular for all kinds of visitors, some coming to enjoy the new sports center and others visiting the city.

Off-Campus AccommodationClose to the campus, just within walking distance on a good day, and a short taxi ride on any  other we have:

Closer into the city, you may find hotels that are on the 25 bus route:

There are multiple choices and multiple costs. Prices range from £50 to £180, then  up to £200 as you can expect. Key rule is to try and stay within walking distance of Princes Street itself as this gives you easy access to all the main bus routes, the tram and the railway station.

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