Are You Currently Present Your Technology?

There are stated after that it you are certain to often hear it from others talking about technology applications as addictive. Yes, addictive, addictive and… addictive.

Observed in popular media ads, designed to look trendy or awesome, there is the promotion for that incorporation of technology with the body as with the types of ‘Google Glass,’ ‘smart’ watches and silicone implants… etc.

There are the sci-fi tales, for instance, we’ve the Borgs in Star Wars…

– All of this is related to the push for all of us to obtain addicted and accustomed to accepting the transhumanism agenda. Can we move from being evolved spiritual beings a manifestation from the infinite God/Goddess/All-There-Would be to autonomous, dehumanised cyborgs determined to inherit our planet within this form?

The conclusion here folks is the fact that transhumanism technologies are ultimately made to control and prevent us from thinking to live in: If permitted to keep, over time, it’ll make us not able to gain access to our full physical empirical understanding and non-physical ability.

The Robot control system

Another area of the control product is the developing robot army. The kind of DARPA (Defence Advanced Studies) within the army, navy and air pressure that will also involve the surveillance, militarization and policing of we-the-people by robots…

The technological control system

We’ve got the technology is within effect turning us into computer terminals. The power fields produced by we’ve got the technology like the internet, ‘smart’ systems, implantations… is developing a ‘collective mind’ and that’s why everything’s connected. It’s a kind of hive mind information system that may be hacked and controlled.

In the assortment of these details delivered to a main control system it’s capable delivering back counterfeit reality responses accordingly included in the technology based controlling agenda.

– Awaken humans you’re for greater than this. It’s inside your spirituality!

The answer

The Archon control matrix is simply a mind parasite not capable of creating. All it may ever do is replicate or steal our ideas: This is the way it operates. To ensure that we’ve got the technology hive mind control system to operate upon us we must get into agreement by using it. -Therefore the key here’s to prevent entering agreement by stopping ourselves from allowing the reality the controllers want people from individuals technological conscious and subconscious implants.

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