If you’ve considered SEO, you’ve probably heard about the best SEO company for conversion and sales. However, there are a few techniques you should avoid. Today, we’ll look at some unethical SEO tactics that some webmasters utilise to boost their SERP rankings. It’s worth noting that putting these measures in place puts you in an unpleasant situation. Google, for example, may devalue parts of your web pages or perhaps eliminate your site entirely. Let’s take a look at the worst SEO actions to avoid without further ado.

Keywords that are not visible

The tactic of hiding keywords isn’t new in the SEO world. What is the mechanism behind this? You could use white text on a white backdrop, or you could use CSS to hide the text. This strategy worked when search engines were less sophisticated, but it won’t work now. Currently, search engines see all keywords used, including the ones that aren’t displayed. This practice should be avoided unless you wish to be penalised. And this is the reason why you should hire an SEO company for conversion and sales so as to not fall into the wrong traps.

Keyword stuffing 

One of the oldest SEO techniques that haven’t gone away is keyword stuffing. This method entails inserting keywords into the content of a web page in order to deceive search engine bots into giving a website a better ranking. Stuffing keywords degrades the user experience, which is why this to practice is strongly discouraged. Make sure you’re not going above the suggested keyword density of 1.5 percent.


This method enables businesses to serve material to search engines that differ from what is served to the user’s browser. Frequently, search engines receive high-quality material while users receive low-quality stuff. This technique is made worse by the fact that it prioritises ranking over user experience.

SEO that is harmful to your business

Negative SEO is being used by certain firms nowadays. Negative SEO is the practice of utilising unethical methods to lower a competitor’s search engine position. Negative SEO can take a variety of forms, including:

-Making phoney social media profiles and destroying your internet reputation

-Your website has been hacked

-Creating a slew of fraudulent links to your site, among other things

-While you are more likely to rank higher if your competitor’s rating drops, you will suffer if Google discovers out (which it will).

Paid hyperlinks

Although links help to improve a website’s position for certain keywords, why does Google continually provide warnings about purchased links? The solution is straightforward. Because the majority of these connections come from low-quality websites, the user experience suffers as a result.

Comments from spammers

Spam comments are frequent these days, with some of them being created automatically. While this appears to be a smart concept, it results in a poor user experience and a negative impression on the reader. Keep in mind that the majority of folks are aware of the spam. So, if you’re thinking of leaving spam comments, you should reconsider. Don’t forget that search engines will eventually catch up to you.

Purchasing expired domain names

Some SEO firms will go to any length to increase their profits. Some SEO firms engage in criminal activity by assisting people in obtaining outdated domain names for a charge. They may even go so far as to redirect existing backlinks to your website and create period reports in order for you to keep paying for the link development service.

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