Cloud Based Software – A New Way to Manage Hotel Properties


The hospitality industry is a fast moving business segment. The business practices that work today might not work tomorrow and hotel managers need to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies so that they can keep their property on a profitable trajectory. One of the technologies that have revolutionized the hotel industry is cloud based hotel management software. Gone are the days of using legacy hotel software that was difficult to use, had to be updated regularly, and needed extensive training to be used properly.

With cloud hotel software, managers can quickly get their team on board and make them familiar with the software without spending too much time on training. Here is a look at some salient features of cloud hotel software that adds to the ease of use.

  1. The software is designed with the end user in mind
  2. Intuitive interface
  3. Easy to customize as per user preferences
  4. High degree of security
  5. Upgradable as the business scales
  6. Managing multiple properties is easy with cloud software
  7. Automation of features adds to staff productivity

Benefits of Using a Cloud Hotel Software for the Hotel Staff

The staff is the lifeblood of the hotel’s operations. From attending to the needs of the guests to making sure all the facilities in the hotel are working at the optimum capacity. The professionalism of the staff also adds to the brand image of the hotel and builds a positive reputation in the minds of the customers. Here are some ways in which hotel staff can improve their productivity by using cloud based hotel management software.

  • Housekeeping Management Made Easy

With hotel software, managers can quickly find out the duties assigned to the housekeeping staff and also assign new duties as the day progresses. The staff can quickly and efficiently clean the rooms that are assigned to them so that the rooms are added to the hotel inventory as soon as they are available.

Staff can also use their mobile devices to mark the tasks complete while putting in requests for cleaning supplies as needed. A single dashboard makes it easy for the managers to take a quick look at the division of the duties assigned to the staff so that they can manage employees for maximum productivity.

  • Ease of Management of Multiple Properties

One of the biggest benefits of using cloud software is how easy it becomes to manage several properties without being physically present in every location. Often, managers can’t travel to every location to provide instruction to the staff or manager day-to-day operations. But with cloud software, the managers can access the operations of the properties that are connected by a cloud based hotel management software.

As the software is accessible through mobile devices, managers can even be on the move, but still handle the daily operations of the property with ease. Whether it is a vacation rental, an AirBnB, or a hotel property, the cloud software makes it a breeze to manage the various functions of the property such as signing in guests, assigning housekeeping duties, processing payments, and much more. The software can also accept multiple employee logins so that other team members can also manage the property, if the property is based in a different time zone.

  • Deeper Insights into Property Performance

Understanding the different metrics around a property’s performance is the first step towards making improvements that add to profits in the long run. The cloud software can offer extensive reports into every area of the property’s performance with various metrics such as guest satisfaction, returning guests, expenses and profits, bookings made from various channels, staff performance and much more.

Managers can get even more in-depth reports so that they can find actionable information that they can use so that the property operates in an efficient manner. Reports can be customized to provide data on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis as well. Working on the information provided by the reports can help the managers to build action plans and meet the demands of their business.

  • Improved Front Desk Management

The front desk of the hotel is the first point where the guests interact with the hotel staff. Improving front desk operations is the best way to build a positive impression on the guests. Hotel staff can use cloud software to quickly sign-in guests where the guests do not need to fill in any information at the front desk.

With the option of contactless sign-in, guests can simply head to their rooms through web-based check-in on the hotel app. What’s more, guests can also use the web-app as a digital key to enter their rooms. All this and much more can be made possible by using a cloud based hotel management software. As the staff is freed from performing the repetitive tasks at the front desk, they can focus on improving customer experience at the property.


A hotel management software can make a world of difference in how a hotel property conducts its business. Using a software suite to manage the daily operations of the hotel adds to the productivity of the staff while improving guest satisfaction in all areas. At mycloud Hospitality, you can get access to an award-winning suite of software that is designed while keeping in mind the needs of modern hoteliers. From covering all aspects of hotel management to working with the predetermined workflow of the staff, the software does it all. What’s more, hotels can also customize the software to a great degree and ensure their branding and logos appear on every customer facing interface.

If you are interested in learning more about the software and how it can help you to boost your business, check out You can also get in touch with the team at +1-415-390-5039 and schedule a free demonstration to understand how the software can be useful for your business.

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