Data Policy

This website is hosted by a server run by Your contact details, abstracts and submitted work will be held on this site up to 2 months after the conference has finished. At this point, the data will be removed from this site. Data may be transferred to Heriot-Watt University controlled servers in order to administer the conference. 

The personal data we collect about you, from the information you supply, will be use for:

  • to contact you about any abstract submitted and the review process
  • to inform you when papers can be submitted
  • the purpose of managing the conference 

The website is hosted by a commercial operation and you need to know:

  • the site address is
  • the company is GDPR compliant. Policy statement can be found directly from the SiteGround home page
  • unless renewed, the lease on the site will run out October 2019 at which point the website will be erased. 


  • By signing up for a user account, you are giving us permission to process your supplied data for the specific purpose of running this conference.
  • if you wish no longer to be registered, you may email the supplied email below to have your data removed. 


  • We will not pass your data to a third party during or after the conference, for the period we hold your data for. 
  • Financial information is controlled by the event bright web site. Details of payment of fees will be passed to Heriot-Watt University.
  • Individuals employed by Heriot-Watt University are responsible for handling your supplied data, and will act in accordance to the University GDPR policy.

You can request copies of what this site holds or to delete your data using the selection below.

Select your request:

Alternatively, contain the site administrator directly at

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