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Monday 8th April

12:15Registration Day 1 - James Watt II, Lunch

 Welcome & Plenary Session
13:15Professor Richard Williams, vice Chancellor and Principal Heriot-Watt University
Jon Prichard, CEO IChemE
Professor Hugh Stitt, Johnson Matthey

 Session 1A : James Watt II :
Energy Systems, Generation and Utilisation
Session 2A : Craig Room :
Particle Systems
Session 3A : Gibson Room :
Session Chair : Dr Susana Garcia-LopezSession Chair : Professor Raffaella OconeSession Chair : Dr Ali Ozel
14:15Julia Nataly Jimenez Romero (Manchester), "Hybrid methodology for targeting heat recovery and power generation with optimal site operating conditions."Jonathan McDonough (Newcastle), "Intensified carbon capture using swirling fluidized beds."Jose Loyola-Fuentes (Manchester), "Estimation of fouling model parameters in crude oil heat exchanger networks using data reconciliation, gross error detection and process variable classification."
14:30Yan Zhang (Birmingham), "Encapsulation of volatile hydrocarbon phase change materials with a retention-leakage fluorescent Sensor."Feng Li (Sheffield), "Fluidized bed: on-line monitoring of particle temperature distribution."Sheila Samsatli (Bath), "Multi-objective optimisation for simultaneous planning, design and operation of low-carbon hydrogen value chains for decarbonising heat."
14:45Ahmed Saleh (Heriot-Watt), "Process integration of lithium-based sorbents into power and industrial plants for high temperature CO2 capture."Domenico Macri (University College London), "Analysis of the defluidization behaviour of industrial reactive powders at high temperature"Min Tao (Manchester), "Reduced model-based global optimisation of large-scale steady state nonlinear systems."
15:00George Truc (Bradford), "Evaluation of equation of state (EoS) and artificial neural network (ANN) for the prediction of thermodynamic properties of rich CO2 mixture."Lyes Ait Ali Yahia (Heriot-Watt), "Evaluating the effect of moisture content on the flow behaviour of a glass beads powder."Nora Alarifi (Teesside), "Modelling, simulation and design of membrane-absorption hybrid system for pre-combustion CO2/CH4 separation." [Speed]
15:15Samuel Homan (Sheffield), "A study into the potential benefits of batteries during black start and system restoration." [Speed]Kaiqiao Wu (University College London), "Dynamically structured fluidised beds: A way to control bubbling flows." [Speed]
15:20Yusuf Umar (London South Bank), "Valorisation of high acid value waste cooking oil into biodiesel via supercritical methanolysis." [Speed]Mingzhe Yu (Sheffield), "Online monitoring of feeding powder in the roller compaction." [Speed]
15:25Break/Posters & Exhibition

 Session 1B : James Watt II :
Energy Systems, Generation and Utilisation
Session 2B : Craig Room :
Particle Systems
Session R1 : Gibson Room
Session Chair : Dr Susana Garcia LopezSession Chair : Professor Raffaella OconePDRA Special Session
15:45Fernando Almeida-Trasvina (Manchester), "Structural modifications to refrigeration cycles for performance improvements in LNG processes at small scale."Elyane Bardou (Sheffield), "Viscous forces of liquid bridge between two spheres at extra high viscosity."Dr M.Stamatakis (UCL) "Next steps for the PDRA - An academic perspective"
16:00Ann Call (Sheffield), "Coupling plasma and fluidic oscillation with a solid oxide cell for CO2 reduction."Ioannis Fragkopoulos (Leeds), "Constant pressure filtration of pharmaceuticals: An integrated experimental and modelling Study."Dr S.Mohammadi "Next steps for the PDRA - An industry perspective"
16:15Yibing Mu (Manchester), "Defects-healing of SAPO-34 membrane by post-synthesis modification using organosilica for selective CO2 separation."Joseph Calverley (Loughborough), "Continuous ethanol fermentation by hot microbubbles."Q/A Session
16:30Foad Faraji (Teesside), "Development of inflow performance relationship (IPR) model in gas-condensate reservoirs.Timothy Hurst (Edinburgh/Heriot-Watt), "Modelling granular media using dynamical density functional theory."
16:45Zekun Yang (Manchester), "Mathematical optimisation of shell and tube heat exchangers with considering heat transfer enhancement." [Speed]Kawther Kadhim (Sheffield), "Twin screw wet granulation: drying of granules and its effect on tablet tensile strength." [Speed]

 James Watt II
17:00Closing Keynote Presentation: Tom Shields, Chair of Chemical Sciences Scotland
19:00Conference Dinner : Ghillie Dhu, 2 Rutland Place

Tuesday 9th April

08:30Registration Day 2 - James Watt II

 Welcome and Plenary Session : James Watt II
09:15Plenary Presentation: Professor Marc-Olivier Coppens, University College London

 Session 4 : James Watt II : Reactions, Catalysts and KineticsSession 5 : Craig Room : Bio Inspired Engineering
Session Chair : Dr Fernando C‡àrdenas-LizanaSession Chair : Dr Ferry Melchels
10:00Duaa Raja (Leeds), "Transient operation: hydrogenation via a radio frequency heating directed kinetic resolution."Vaishali Thaore (Imperial), "Cell-free multi-enzyme systems for the industrial production of fine chemicals"
10:15Li Anne Cheah (Heriot-Watt), "Development of energy-efficient novel mixed-metal oxide based sorbent systems for Industrial CO2 capture."Djurdja Vukajlovic (Newcastle), "Bioglass scaffolds coated with chitosan-based hydrogels for tissue engineering applications."
10:30Huan Xiang (Manchester), "Selective adsorption of ethane over ethylene on metal-organic frameworks (Ni, Zn, Co, Cu)."Halan Mohamed (University College London), "Kidney inspired membranes with superior anti-fouling properties."
10:45Marinela Zhurka (Aberdeen), "Kinetic investigation of ethanol steam reforming on Ni and Rh catalysts to probe metal and support-mediated reaction pathways."Zolt‡án Kis (Imperial), "Techno-economic analysis of emerging vaccine platform and production technologies: How to make cheaper vaccines, faster?"
11:00Lan Lan (Manchester), "H2 production from photocatalytic reforming of cellulose using TiO2 supported catalysts." [Speed]Nga Vo (Newcastle), "Smart chitosan-based hydrogels for targeted drug delivery applications." [Speed]
11:05Luca Panariello (University College London), "Synthesis of gold nanoparticles in a continuous reactor: a reaction engineering-driven design approach." [Speed]Barbara Bourgade (Loughborough), "Commodity chemicals production from C1 gases in moorella thermoacetica." [Speed]
11:10Break, Posters and Exhibition

 Session 6 : James Watt II : Sustainable IndustrySession 3B : Craig Room : Modelling
Session Chair : Professor Nik WilloughbySession Chair : Dr Ali Ozel
11:30Hosam Aleem (Manchester), "An Investigation into the performance of the froth flotation process using biosurfactants."Aikaterini Tsatse (University College London), "Using a superstructure methodology for the optimal design of distillation columns."
11:45Eleanor O'Doherty (Sheffield), "Sustainable chemicals from black solider flies in a waste-to-energy scheme."Panagiotis Demis (Surrey), "Global sensitivity analysis and process systems models with constraints."
12:00Mohammed Abdulsattar (Hull), "Study the particle size effect on the total reduced sugars yield during enzymatic hydrolysis for barley straw." [Speed]Struan Reid (Heriot-Watt), "Modelling scotch whisky fermentations."
12:15Mohammadali Mozafarian (Chester), "Converting plastic wastes and end of life tyres to clean energy." [Speed]Ioannis Gkioulekas (University College London), "Optimal regression tree models through mixed integer programming."
12:30Hassan Alabdrab-Alameer (Hull), "Pretreatment of lignocellulose biomass wastes for enhanced thermochemical decomposition from bio-energy production." [Speed]Rahma Muthia (Manchester), "Screening the applicability of reactive distillation to quaternary reactions using an innovative mapping method." [Speed]
12:40Lunch, Posters and Exhibition

 Session 7 : James Watt II : Separations in PharmaSession 3C : Craig Room : Modelling
Session Chair : Dr Ferry MelchelsSession Chair : Dr Ali Ozel
13:30Cameron Brown (Strathclyde (CMAC)), "Digital twins and microfactories for future pharmaceutical manufacturing."Yingjie Ma (Manchester), "Simultaneous synthesis and design of reaction-separation systems using rigorous models."
13:45Adam Oxley (Imperial), "Iterative chromatography-free synthesis of unimolecular PEG for pharmaceutical applications."Simona Migliozzi (University College London), "A coupled experimental and CFD study for the development of new continuous mixing processes involving complex fluids."
14:00Oliver Watson (Imperial), "Computer-aided design of solvent blends for the cooling and anti-solvent crystallisation of lovastatin and ibuprofen."Kyriacos Hadjidemetriou (Manchester), "Ultrafiltration system optimisation for nuclear decommissioning."
14:15Sara Ottoboni (Strathclyde (CMAC)), "Investigating the isolation performance of a novel continuous filtration unit for pharmaceutical process development and manufacturing: A case study using paracetamol and related impurities." [Speed]Bogdan Dorneanu (Surrey), "Two-level modelling of the ice cream value chain."
14:20Sihan Wang (Sheffield), "Continuous manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry: review of different simulation methods." [Speed]Chiamaka Nnaedozie (Sheffield), "Modelling the reconstitution of water-soluble powder." [Speed]
14:25Muhid Shahid (Strathclyde), "Understanding and mitigating the consequence of undesired crystallization taking place during washing of active pharmaceutical." [Speed]

 James Watt II
14:35Prizes, Handover to University of Bradford

Education Special Interest Group

 Session E1 : Gibson Room : Education Special Interest Group
Session Chair : Gregor Colville
10:00Abdullatif Alfutimie (Manchester), "Rethinking interactive assessments for student in-lecture engagement."
10:15Bernard Treves Brown (Manchester), "A game to teach mass and energy balances."
10:30Seren Mabley (Strathclyde), "A qualitative analysis of chemical engineering students' strategies to solve problems in problem-based learning teams."
10:45Diogenes Reyes Viviescas (Strathclyde), "Development of learner autonomy in student-centred learning environments in engineering."

 Session E2 : Gibson Room : Education Special Interest Group
Session Chair : Gregor Colville
11:30Fernando Russo Abegao (University), "Teaching students how to code using physical computing tools."
11:50Esther Ventura-Medina (Strathclyde), "Chemical Process Design - challenges and opportunities of using problem based learning."
12:10Thomas Rodgers (Manchester), "Developing coding skills for chemical engineers with peer marking."
12:30Lunch, Posters and Exhibition

 Session E3 : Gibson Room : Education Subject Group
Session Chair : Gregor Colville
13:30Discussion Session

 James Watt II
14:35Prizes, Handover to University of Bradford
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