Doing everything right and still not getting backlinks? Here is what to do!

Apart from doing things related to SEO, most of us stress our backbones on creating backlinks. Those businesses having enough investment end up hiring link building experts while others end up struggling. According to PerfectLinkBuilding, SEO link building services USA take a website to the top of SERP almost every time — More Information about PerfectLinkBuilding USA. These experts know the bits and bytes of digital lawns. But many people try to get backlinks by themselves. Sometimes it works and websites rank, but sometimes the sweat starts dripping down the forehead. What to do if all your efforts are seeming short to get backlinks?

Pro Tip – link building fails when the content fails.

Reasons you are not getting any backlinks!

Sometimes we overdo it and sometimes we underdo it. Sometimes we laze around and sometimes we burn our bones. This same happens in the digital world where websites strive to rank higher on the SERP. Sometimes we over optimise the websites and sometimes we underdo it.

When we talk about ranking over search engines, we talk about passing through many filters. Google uses hundreds of ranking factors to decide which webpage has the best possible solution. Some factors hold a brutal amount of impact and others at a small level. Link Building (backlinks) is of the top ranking factors. This is the reason that companies strive hard to get backlinks. Adds PerfectLinkBuilding, SEO link building services in USA have grown exponentially over the past decade. This is to help the businesses in need.

This also is the reason that small businesses with near to no budget strive to rank on Google – because giant players are investing thousands of dollars and a brutal amount of time to rank their websites.

However, this does not mean that it is not possible to rank on Google without any investment in SEO and Link Building services. It sure is possible. But it will require a great amount of time and effort. One will also have to gain expertise in this technical field to know what actually needs to be done.

So, here are the reasons that you are not getting any backlinks even after months and months of genuine effort.

1 – Your Content is shallow!

We must know that the age we are in is not web 1.0, which was all about infancy. We are in web 2.0 where the goal is to create a community and have user-generated content that intends to help. Content is the king today and is going to be the king tomorrow. Earlier, people were still coping up with poor quality content because the internet was fairly new and people were curious about this new thing. But now it has become a cesspool of content, a bog of its sort, that we need to get rid of. After all, at the end it is all about humans as a species.

If you are writing poor quality content without passion and intention to help then you rarely will get backlinks. It is very similar to how we behave in the real world. We do not really talk about and recommend an average person in our lives. What to do? There are two solutions –

  • Search for your targeted keywords; click first few links; see how these websites have written.
  • Look for SEO and Link Building Services in USA or around to help you out.

If you think it is not the issue, it is time to look further.

2 – Your website is fairly new!

If you think your content is of exceptional quality then the next reason could be this — Your website is very new and people are hesitating linking to it. It is purely psychological. We tend to hesitate to link to websites that have not crossed their childhood. The reason could be a lack of trust or fear of falling down.

If you think this is the reason then you need to wait a little more. Keep writing more content and keep trying for backlink.

3 – Your efforts are falling short!

What is hard is very subjective. For one running for 4 hours a day could be normal while for others running for half-hour a day could be stressful. When we talk about working hard to get backlinks for websites, there really is no benchmark. But know that link building is the toughest part of the overall digital journey. According to PerfectLinkBuilding, SEO link building services (USA) are usually sought for this very reason. They help businesses get the growth they deserve. More Information about PerfectLinkBuilding USA and what might get required around link building and SEO.

Know that for link building to work you will have to move beyond following just one way. Try different sorts of methods like

  • guest blogging,
  • email outreach
  • getting interviewed
  • broken link building
  • targeting competitors
  • social media marketing

And then there are methods known and unknown to us.

4 – You are targeting the wrong customers!

Might be the blogs you are writing for and the customers you are trying to target on the social media are not meant for you. For example, suppose you deal in beauty products. Now, you are trying to market your website in beauty and lifestyle. However, beauty and lifestyle can include many other things and thus your efforts might fail. Here, you are trying to target a broader field. You have to know your customers first and then start with your efforts.

5 – You are not being real with email outreaches!

Email outreaches are like your one and only chance to prove that you have something valuable. They are equivalent to the movie pitches writers make to the producers. Know that website creators are no fools and know where the things are coming from. If you are just copying and pasting a readymade email from the web that has been recommended by some famous SEO expert, then step back. Just as you are using that email, many others will be using that email too. Know that the website owner might be seeing similar emails starting with “hey, I love your blog this this this and it is great. But I think it has space for improvement and I can blah blah blah.” The owner will trash your email straightaway.

When it comes to email outreach, be as genuine as possible. At least, craft your own email and then edit it for different posts and bloggers.

These are some of the possible reasons that might be stopping you from getting backlinks. And if yet you are not getting backlinks, it is time to look for expertise. It will help you to know where things lack. Says PerfectLinkBuilding, SEO link building services in USA influence greatly what comes on the top. They invest their years’ worth of knowledge in helping websites boom and rise and rise and boom. Click here for more Information about PerfectLinkBuilding USA. They have been helping the seekers around with their crystal clear clarity about SEO and how things work around it. Consult them for free and know what might help you out of this bog.

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