How about Managed IT Services As a Marketing Strategy

The benefits of Managed IT Services are too many to name in a short article such as this one. However, we can mention some key benefits. Firstly, your IT infrastructure will be under regular maintenance and administration which will reduce downtime for you and your clients. Secondly, with Bytes Managed IT Services you will benefit from regular updates which will ensure that your applications and systems are running at their peak. Thirdly, by automating your IT systems you will also have the ability to fully automate your physical infrastructure thereby reducing labour costs and streamlining your operations at the same time.

The first benefit is cost savings. Your Managed IT Services provider will host your Infrastructure over the Internet so there will be no on-site hardware or software. This will save you substantial cost savings compared to what you would pay to maintain each individual piece of IT equipment. Your monthly costs will also be reduced since the IT service provider will not need to pay for or install additional hardware or software for you. These cost savings are compounded every month since the Managed IT Services provider will not need to maintain any hardware or software and this results in further cost savings every month.

The second benefit is improved productivity. With a managed service provider you can have a team of administrators monitor your servers and computers in real-time to ensure that they are all running smoothly. This ensures that the daily load on your server is greatly reduced and this will lead to increased production of your content. Your Managed IT Services will also regularly check and make sure that your network is not suffering from any security issues. This way, the entire organization can enjoy faster growth and progress with minimum stress on the network and content servers.

The third benefit is improved efficiency in operations. With a Managed IT Services provider, your IT department will experience an influx of new staff members as a result of hiring new solutions administrators and software developers. These people will not only make your task managing easier but they will also increase productivity as they will be fully trained in deploying and managing the various tasks required by your organization. The monthly costs of hiring additional personnel will be greatly reduced compared to what it would cost to retain your present staff members who are still completing their tasks despite the fact that they are being paid.

The fourth benefit is the reduction in down time. A managed service provider will regularly provide maintenance on your IT infrastructure, ensuring that your servers and workstations are up-to-date at all times. This will lead to decreased downtime and the ability to continue uninterrupted service provision for your customers.

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