How to Use Google Trends To Find New Traffic For Your Website

Do you ever feel like your SEO efforts only target the same keywords that everyone else targets? If so, you’re not alone. Finding unique keyword opportunities is hard! But there are still some little-known secrets in the SEO game. 

Google Trends is an under-the-radar advantage that you can leverage to find more topics and keywords related to your business. The more topics you can cover on your website, the more you’ll be able to grow. As you grow, search engines will trust you as an authoritative resource for users.

Because Google Trends naturally reveals opportunities that are just now trending, it’s likely that the competition hasn’t caught on yet. The ability to get in front of a trend is crucial. 

To grasp the concept of Google Trends, let’s look at a very basic example. We’ll use the term “iPad.” Everyone knows what an iPad is. They are popular consumer products that have consistent interest over time. 

You can see that people are always interested in iPads. But what else do we see?

Notice the two spikes in “Interest over time.” One spike is during the week of December 20-26. The other spike is during the week of November 22-28. What does that tell us?

There is significant interest in these items during holidays! Why? Because iPads are gifts. If you look at the trend over the last 5 years it becomes even more apparent. The same pattern happens over and over again.

All throughout the year, people are buying iPads for their personal use. There are also small upticks when Apple makes an announcement about the latest version. But the big increases come in the holiday times. Just by looking at a simple graph, we can extract a lot of knowledge.

The next place we can go to find interesting information is in the “Related queries” section. You’ll find that in the bottom right hand area of the page. This is where we can go to unearth trending topics. Again, let’s use the iPad example. Look at all of these queries that show up as “Rising.”

Why is the 8th generation iPad suddenly a huge deal? Why does it matter to so many people? Recently, Apple announced that they would be unveiling a new 9th generation iPad. The excitement led to a backlog of the 8th generation and a rush to get that version.

Now you probably will never rank for “8th gen iPad on Google, however, you can potentially rank for some variations on other platforms such as YouTube. You could rank for “iPad 8th generation case” on Amazon. 

This doesn’t just apply to e-commerce companies. Service-based industries can use this tactic as well. Imagine that you owned a mold removal business or a water damage restoration business. You know it’s important to focus on local SEO for restoration companies. By using this tool you could see exactly which cities in your area are the most interested in your service. Once you know that you can focus your SEO efforts on ranking in that particular city.

Look for the less competitive opportunities and get creative. By using Google trends, you can discover incredible keywords that can quickly get you new traffic.

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