Learn How AI Enables Smart Customer Service and Helps Deflect Cases

Everybody wants to offer good customer service. Why? Because it makes customers happier and more loyal, and it can result in more customer referrals. It also helps cut costs, reduce the number of challenging cases, and increase productivity and revenue.

When you provide customer self-service, you are providing a way for customers to quickly search for and find the information they need without submitting a support ticket.

What is the best way to offer this type of customer service? By delivering smart customer service.

How can you do that? With artificial intelligence (AI).

The Power of AI Customer Service

We will focus on two key areas where AI customer service automation can be very impactful:

  • AI-powered chatbots
  • AI-powered customer service solutions

AI-Powered Chatbot

Here’s what an AI-powered chatbot can do for you and your customers:

  • Respond to your customers very quickly.
  • Bolster brand loyalty through dynamic and memorable self-service experiences.
  • Make your business available 24/7, so customers can reach you at their convenience.
  • Save weeks or even months of labor-intensive tuning by letting machine learning algorithms take care of the grunt work.
  • Preserve full customer context that can be carried over to other channels.

AI-Powered Personalized Customer Service Solutions

Using AI-powered personalized customer service solutions can help you and your customers in the following ways:

  • Allow customers to find the answers they need quickly.
  • Create a powerful customer self-service capability.
  • Make your search smarter everywhere – on your website, in your apps, and even in your chatbot.
  • Use interaction data and customer information to serve each customer the answers they’re looking for.
  • Empower your agents with full insight into a customer’s journey.
  • Give customers the help they need inside your app or SaaS product, so they can get things done without ever leaving.

According to a recent Zendesk study, 42% of B2C customers showed more interest in purchasing after experiencing good customer service, and 52% of them stopped purchasing due to a single disappointing customer support interaction.

With customers increasingly using self-service as their first point of contact with customer service organizations, AI enables the delivery of intelligent answers that goes a long way in deflecting cases and tickets. AI truly enables smart customer service, which results in happier, more loyal customers.

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