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Live Stream Platform Yubo Wants to Socially Inspire Gen Z in Safe Space

Social media platform Yubo demonstrates it will take real action to create a safe space for Gen Z to hang out, express themselves, explore new ideas, and connect with others online.

State-of-the-Art Age Verification Keeping Children Safe

Social media faces an age-old problem. Before they get a driver’s license, many children do not have a government ID to verify their age.

While some are dabbling into age verification technology, Yubo is going all in by not only verifying new users with AI but existing users as well.

Users’ Locations Invisible

Gen Z users have the ability to block or display their general location, reducing the risk of finding where they live.

While the platform can’t completely prevent someone from sharing their address if they’re determined to do so, Yubo has put a flagging system in.

When someone tries to share their location, they get a message reminding them why it’s not a good idea to share specific location information on a social platform. They then ask them to rethink whether they want to do this.

The platform also doesn’t allow third-party advertisers to target teens. Instead, they’ve decided to offer a “freemium” business model.

Users sign up for free and can stick with the no-cost option. Or they can upgrade to the paid option for extra features and better visibility.

Real-time Intervention During Unsafe Events

Yubo has a whole team of in-house moderators who watch content and can shut down a live stream if a user is breaking platform rules.

This can both stop the behavior as it happens and become a deterrent. Users know that a moderator will and can stop their stream

That deterrent element is essential because no matter how many moderators a company hires, there will always be more users. AI technology helps moderators be in more places at once to maximize the safety the platform can offer.

The platform also promotes itself as a safe environment directly to its users, encouraging them to take personal responsibility for keeping the platform safe. Users can report rule-breaking for moderators to then verify before taking action.

Consulting with Child Safety Experts to Enhance Safety

No company can keep kids safe alone. Yubo seeks out the input of leading child safety organizations and governments like:

  • Internet Watch Foundation (UK)
  • National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (US)
  • Point de Contact (France)

It actively works with them to further their vision of a safe space for Gen Z to feel comfortable hanging out and exploring who they are.

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