Samsung Galaxy S22 Smartphone Series Review & Specs

Smartphones are incredibly popular, in a lot of western cultures even children have their own smartphone. Samsung is a huge name in the technology game, especially in the UAE, and as such they have some of the most sought-after models on the market today. Samsung are innovators, continually expanding and improving upon their previous iterations. One of the newest phones to be released by Samsung is the S22. The question is: is it worth it? Let’s dive in.

The Design
One of the major questions we always ask when a new model is released is: what has actually changed? When it comes to the design, the answer is: not that much if we are being perfectly honest. It is very slightly smaller than the S21 and you will barely notice the difference there. However, the Gorilla Glass Victus Plus back has a much nicer feel than the previous model’s.

Camera Quality
The cameras may look very similar to the S21 model but there has been some impressive upgrade to the Galaxy S22 camera. The main camera’s sensor has been boosted by 23% to improve its low light performance, and the rating has gone from 12MP to 50MP. This is the main change for the S22, although the telephoto lens has been adjusted to make for a sharper zoom. The ultrawide camera is essentially the same, but it is important to note that the video capture is outstanding.

If you have any of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 models then you will be running it on their Samsung One UI 4.1 software on Android 12. If you are a fan of Android 12, then you can rest assured that the One UI will allow you to keep enjoying that without too much bother. There are Samsung-specific bits and pieces (a Samsung web browser, calendar, and contact apps), and the Galaxy S22 finger sensor is excellent. You will also enjoy four years of Android support when you buy a new model, which is well worth considering when you are considering the Samsung Galaxy S22 price.

Battery Life
Something that anyone buying a new Galaxy S22 will have to consider is that there is a smaller battery to go with the smaller design. The battery has gone from 4,000mAh to 3,7000mAh, but the impact would appear to be negligible. Indeed, with superfast charging and wireless power share, the Samsung Galaxy S22 battery will last way beyond 24 hours. This is excellent news given that we are all trying to do our bit for the environment right now in the wake of climate change news. We should all be looking for phones with a better battery life.

Final Verdict
There are clear upgrades from the S21 in several key areas, and if you are looking for a lightweight, cost-effective, and powerful phone, this is an excellent choice. However, there is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra which is a superior model, so it is well worth looking at that too.

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