Small Changes That Mean Big Savings for Your Small Business

Business expenses are a constant headache for most companies, yet individually the costs appear relatively minor and insignificant. When trying to implement a new cost reduction program for your small business, it can be challenging to know what expenses to cut, limit, or change. Here are four small changes you can make that could mean big savings for your business.


Whether it is an urgent work matter or a change in an order, phones are the best way to stay in touch with customers, clients, and employees. Talking to an individual also transmits information in a timely manner and allows for questions and clarifications. Rather than paying outrageous amounts for office communication devices, consider OOMA office phone service options. Features include video conferencing, call recording, group calling, virtual receptionist, and voicemail. Make sure the phone system you choose has call transfer capabilities and call logs, too.


Have you ever wondered why your office building is heated or cooled while no one is there? If you think about it logically, more than half of the energy output occurs when no one is working. Locate an energy-efficient thermostat that can be programmed. Savings can amount to nearly a thousand dollars a year for even a small business. Don’t forget to check out the multi-zone registers or thermostats if you have people working on multiple floors.


Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to buy the newest, biggest, or most impressive product for your office. This includes furniture, computers, and artwork. Although you may want to impress your customers and clients with your good taste and prove your company is successful, purchasing generic products or used items whenever possible can save valuable resources.


When you have a product or service, getting the information out to the public is the best way to sell it. However, marketing in this product-saturated world can be costly and have little effect. If you want to raise sales, hire someone familiar with social media marketing techniques and have them work their magic. Then, once you have a large consumer base for your products or services, reach out and have your customers market for you by offering deals or discounts for referrals.


Small businesses can save big money if they avoid spending too much until there are ample funds to cover the expenditures. Protect your company by checking out the four tips listed above and see how much money you can save by applying the small changes.

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