Tips when looking for a company to sell your old gadgets

As technology advances, more and more electric gadgets have been brought into the market. When you feel that your old laptop or cell phone is no longer up to date with what’s new, plus it’s just taking up space in your room, perhaps it’s time to think of a company where you can sell your gadget. One such company might include EcoATM. You might ask yourself what is ecoATM? In simple terms, EcoATM is an organization that establishes ATM-like machines where customers can sell their old electronic gadgets for cash.

In reality, you might want to buy an upgrade but have no more money for another gaming system or cellphone model. Sell your used devices today and turn them into cash so you can use some of them on something better. Here are four tips when looking for a company to sell your old gadgets.

1) Research the Company’s Reputation

Reputable companies don’t just care about turning a profit – they also want their customers to be satisfied with the product. Read the company’s terms and conditions before handing anything over, as well as any feedback from previous customers. If there is no information online, look at where the warehouse is located. In many cases, these companies outsource their goods to other countries.

If the product is faulty, you should be able to get a refund or replacement, but it’s always best to double-check before placing your trust with any company. Once you are satisfied with what they have said about returns and repairs, go ahead and sell them your gadgets.

2) Find Out How Much Each Gadget is Worth

And finally, before deciding on which company to sell your used electronics to, find out what they are worth today by looking them up online or in pricing guides. When pricing items, aim for a 30 to 40 percent difference between the price you want and what the company offers. Doing some simple math will save you from frustration later on when they offer less than your desired amount.

3) Beware of rejection

If you want to sell an iPhone, then you should be aware that most companies will decline to purchase broken iPhones  (even with cracked screens) because repairing them would cost more than buying new ones due to high demand. It’s up to you to research which gadgets the company will buy back before accepting their offer. If there’s anything else they won’t take (such as printer cartridges), they’ll state this on their website. Most importantly, if you do receive any response from certified recyclers, don’t take it personally.

4) Only sell your gadgets if they still work

Don’t expect to get very much from a company if the gadget is broken or does not work. If you want some cash for old electronics, you should only try selling it if it is good and works properly. Even a cracked screen can drastically reduce how much you get for taking an old iPhone to a buy-back company instead of using a free recycling service. The only exception could include if the recycler specifically states that they will pay more for working items with cosmetic damage, such as broken iPhones.

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