What Makes a Research Insights Software Great?

A great research insights software will offer many features and capabilities. This includes creating and sharing questionnaires, statistical analysis capabilities, and panel management functions. Such features will help simplify paper-based and phone-based market research and transform data into meaningful information. Moreover, good research insights software like will offer A/B testing and benchmarking tools.

Ability to Synthesize New Insights 

The ability to synthesize new insights from existing knowledge or data sources has important practical implications. It can make new findings more accessible, and it can also improve policy. However, synthesis techniques are only sometimes easy to apply, particularly in the absence of mentors.

One method is systematic synthesis, which involves assessing the available evidence. It involves combining different data types to generate a theoretically informed and unbiased overview of the literature. The process of synthesis is often complex and can be rife with bias. Even if rigorous and standardized approaches are followed, implicit judgments can still influence conclusions. The quantity of available data can also determine the synthesis level and the research team’s size. Some reviews can be conducted independently, while others require multiple reviewers.

In research syntheses, an explicitly stated question should guide the investigation. There are four main types of synthesis. One type is quantitative, while the other is qualitative. In both cases, a well-defined research question will guide the synthesis.

Ability to Generate Crosstabs

To generate crosstabs, you will need columns and rows for each variable in your research. You can include your columns’ psychographic characteristics, demographic data, media use, shopping habits, and brand usage. Once you’ve gathered this data, you can compare and contrast variables.

Creating crosstabs is a powerful tool for evaluating relationships between thousands of variables. These can help you analyze specific target audiences or compare multiple targets. To make these analyses, you’ll need research insights software that allows you to add, remove, and rearrange items. The crosstab icons let you easily move items in the crosstab, and some software even allows you to import data from other sources.

Crosstabs are a great feature of research insights software because they make it easier to view and analyze data sets. They also simplify complex data sets, making recording valuable insights easier. They also help reveal relationships between categorical variables.

Ability to Connect Dots

Using sophisticated research insights software, revenue executives can better see customer behaviors and sales outcomes. This information allows revenue executives to guide customer behavior based on factual data. They can predict future buyer behavior and sales outcomes. They can also use data to help them improve their customer service. These capabilities are critical for revenue executives in any organization.

Storytelling in Research Insights Software

Storytelling in research insights software can help you understand data in a new way. The key is to combine compelling storytelling with data. Without data, engaging stories have no impact. Data substantiates claims and establishes thought leadership credibility. Here are some tips to help you create compelling data stories.

Make the story emotionally engaging. It will keep your stakeholder’s attention and anchor it in their memories. A story should have a certain “narrative structure”: conflict, climax, and resolution. While there is no universal storytelling framework, some common elements help make compelling stories.

Use storytelling to help decision-makers connect with their customers. Using a framework that allows research insights to be translated into compelling stories, you can make your data more accessible to your stakeholders.

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