Why Cyber Security Matters in The Interconnected, Integrated, Smart World

We now live in an extremely interconnected world, and this is seen in the manner that our personal and professional technology is linked and integrated. This is the case now, more than ever before, as in the cloud or online we access media and entertainment, go to work, conduct business and learn all manner of new skills and hobbies – all of it online. This article is a reminder of the importance of your cyber security in a time of such connectedness and integration.

What is modern cyber security

There is generally a huge amount of excitement over the state of tech development at the moment and all the new smart gadgets and devices that are in the home or office, all connected to each other. There’s normally a rush to buy the latest smart handheld tech and  more people now own a smart phone than any other device in the world. Everyone has their own internet connected personal tech, be it a smart phone or the wide range of hardware devices available currently at places like Lenovo. The reality is that the increase in new devices brings with it increased threats and risks. It is these risks that modern cyber security must prevent against.

Cloud cyber security

The use of cloud computing and the access to top of the range software capabilities, infrastructure as a service and hardware as a service means that you need to trust the vendor to some extent with your data security. The fact that data and access to software applications  are hosted on the internet on a remote server means that you need to have checked what security is in place before you simply sign up and move over to the cloud. The provider must deal with the infrastructure itself and be able to provide access as well as restrict access to only those with the correct security credentials and permissions.

Centralized security: the cloud and the interconnectedness that this provides for all smart tech means that just as data and software applications are centralized so too is its protection. Data recovery plans are at a centralized level and although accessed from various points the data itself is stored and protected at a centralized level.

Multiple perimeters: The cloud means that you have multiple perimeters to defend against attacks. The PC’s tablets and devices that access the cloud and the protected, valued data within (from wherever they may be) also provide a means of others gaining access and as such need to be protected. Hence perimeter security is at its highest levels yet, growing as indeed cloud computing is.

Final remarks

For good reason the FBI had some fear of the internet and the threats that all this information in one place would provide. The security measures and concepts as discussed herein are the best way to protect the interconnected and integrated tech world that we have built ourselves in the cloud. The implementation of a zero-trust security protocol and improved overall cloud security is going to be the only way to protect your data.

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