Why I Will Never Convert from Samsung to iPhone

Between them, Samsung and Apple rule the smartphone industry. When you’re looking for a new, high-end smartphone, it’s inevitable that you’ll be choosing between a model produced by either one of these.

There’s been a trend lately of Samsung phone users converting to iPhones but I’m here to tell you exactly why I would never make this switch. Here is why Samsung is and will always be the superior manufacturer.

The better operating system

The Android operating system has been updated to a much faster and reliable design – a marked improvement on its original.

Meanwhile, Apple admitted that they purposely slowed down the iOS system in older iPhones so people would be forced to keep buying new Apple products. In 2017, they agreed to a $500 million settlement for doing so. I couldn’t trust buying a phone from someone who did that.

But one of the biggest advantages of Android as an operating system compared to iOS is the Google Assistant. Without question, a thousand times better than Apple’s Siri. It offers more comprehensive answers and less backtalk, for sure. It also comes with the Google Lens feature which lets you search the web for objects in images.

It’s more affordable

Apple finally toppled into the £1k threshold with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. And who wants to pay that much more for an iPhone that has fewer features, less reliable storage, and is less powerful than a Samsung phone?

Apple has a habit of charging for every little thing – they won’t even include headphones in the box anymore.

Its storage and screen size is far superior

For the hardware in Samsung phones, it offers a supremely better value for money than the iPhone equivalent. The Samsung flagship, Galaxy S21 Ultra, has twice the RAM size of Apple’s flagship phone. It has a greater screen size, screen-to-body ratio, screen resolution, and pixel density.

But most importantly – the charging specs. The Samsung flagship battery capacity is a staggering 5,000 mAh and the charging speed is 20% faster than Apple’s.

Its camera is the obvious choice

It’s fitted with the same camera specs but is fitted with a quad-camera rather than their triple-camera. The front-facing camera is 40MP compared to Apple’s measly 12MP. It can also record up to 8K UHD, twice Apple’s capacity.

For anyone who uses their phone more than their camera, you should be looking at Samsung’s phones over Apple’s any day. You can get great deals on a refurbished Samsung S20 from companies such as, along with various other Samsung models.

I could never give up my Samsung for an iPhone and I’m more than happy to keep enjoying the same affordable, high-quality manufacture I know and love.

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