Yubo: A Social Media App Designed Around Common Interests

Yubo is a smartphone application that has become especially popular among people in Generation Z, which includes those born between approximately 1997 and 2009. The company released the app as a way for people to avoid loneliness by connecting with others who share their interests. The app does not have like or follow features that tend to make people have more of a superficial focus when using other social media sites.

The Yubo app is available as a free download on iOS and Apple. At the time of its release, the app included a feature called Swipe that allowed users to search for friends with similar interests. They could also use the chat feature to speak one-on-one with other users with whom they had made a connection. Recently, Yubo announced the release of two new features that add to the user experience even more.

Using Interest Tags to Find New Friends

The new Add by Tag feature allows users to create tags to describe their interests when they sign up for a new account. The purpose of the tags is two-fold. Users who include tags with their profile make it much easier for others who share their interests to find them. All registered people can click on a tag to see who else included the same tag in their profile.

Clicking on tags makes the process of finding people to connect with easier while improving the user experience at the same time. Yubo’s algorithm scans for tag matches and uses that information to make recommendations to users for new connections. Users can add up to 200 new friends each day once they are ready to start engaging. People can also form groups around their common interests.

Displaying tags users have chosen with their profile information makes it easier for people to start conversations with others they do not know. Yubo provides several interest categories for people to choose from when setting up their profiles. Currently, approximately 65 percent of users registering for a new account opt to include tags on their profile.

How to Use Livestream Onboarding

People who prefer to interact in real-time should enjoy Yubo’s latest feature, Livestream Onboarding. Knowing that the app caters to a younger demographic, its founders included some extra safety features. The camera and microphone in the livestreaming app automatically default to off, which means other users do not see or hear each other directly. People interested in participating in the conversation push the raised hand button and then type in their questions or comment.

When using Livestream Onboarding for the first time, users will encounter a tooltip interface that provides them with instructions. They can then join a livestream as an observer or a participant. Yubo will recommend its top livestreams and users can also search for the ones that interest them. The only things other people see are each person’s username and profile picture. The Yubo app never discloses the location or other private details about users.

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